Name: Diamond Rank >> Obsidian Rank
Price: 14.99 11.99 USD

Obsidian Rank

You will get access to the following perks and items when purchasing the Obsidian Rank.

- Priority Queue over regular players when a server is full.
- Won't get kicked for being AFK.
- Allows use of a VPN.
- Unique Chat Color.
- Access to Color Code Formats on Signs.
- Access to Color Code Formats in Chat.
- Access to the Firework Command with /fw.
- Access to the Rename Command with /rename.
- Access to the Lore Command with /lore.
- Access to the ShowItem Command with /showitem. (You can also show your item in the chat with %item%)
- Access to the ShowInv Command with /showinv. (You can also show your inventory in the chat with %inv%)
- Access to the Particle Trails Pack #1 with /trails. (Heart, Angry, Magic, Fun, Cloud, Witch, and Breath)
- Access to the Particle Trails Pack #2 with /trails. (Ender, Green, Sparks, Flames, White Magic, Notes, and Damage)
- Access to the Particle Trails Pack #3 with /trails. (Snow, Water, Lava, Crit, Smoke, Spell, and End Rod)
- Access to the Particle Trails Pack #4 with /trails. (Enchant, Splash, Slime, Snowball, Void, Lava POP, and Totem)
- Access to the Blocks Trails Pack with /trails.
- Access to the Rains Trails Pack with /trails.
- Access to the Wings Trails Pack with /trails.